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 Cuba is a beautiful Caribbean island,
 popular Caribbean holiday destination.

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For the resort minded, Varadero is a paradise, where hotels offer an assortment of water sports, long stretches of clean white silky beaches and turquois sea.

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Cuba is the best vacation Caribbean spot, a vacation destination without comparison pristine and exotic. Remains very safe, hiding many secrets, unpredictable. Boasting magnificent white sandy beaches with clean sparkling turquoise waters.

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The combination of Cuba's gorgeous landscape, lively island resident and unique way of life is transforming the island onto a hotspot and creating tangible experiences for craving travelers. "It's not just a place where you smoke cigars on the beach and dance salsa".

Cuba is home to exceptionally friendly people, exotic flora,tropical climate, salsa music and vibrant nightlife. Latin beat, best cigars and warm welcome from the Cuban people make this biggest Caribbean island very attractive destination.

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You may be temped by the capital city of Havana, known to provide an amazing cultural experience. It is where elaborate, newly restored structures stand tall, alongside their decaying counterparts.
You can tour old Havana in a motorized, coconut shaped taxi. Many locals commute by classic old cars. Catch a whiff of tobacco during a history lesson Havana's Romeo and Juliet cigars with famous Cuban Rum.

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You have not fully appreciated the Cuban sensual experience without witnessing the island's expressive dances and powerful rhythms. Accompanied by nearby fountains and lush palm trees, the outdoor musical extravaganza of Club Tropicana is a seductive blend of ballet and wild African motion.

Habana Cafe nightclub in Hotel Cohiba is a Havana hotspot with yet a different atmosphere, featuring old cars where Elvis, the Beatles and Frank Sinatra once visited.

Old Havana, street

Cuban culture is very unique in Latin America, formed by the island's fascinating history. Despite its new popularity, however, the island remains an inexpensive Caribbean destination. It remains un commercialized and a very safe vacation spot. To enter Cuba all you need is valid passport and "Cuban Tourist Card", you can get it from Airline.

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Take a trip to Pinar del Rio to see famous Cuban tobacco, a few landscapes in Cuba are naturally as beautiful as Vinales, province of Pinar del Rio. Two of the six World Biosphere Reserves in Cuba are located in this land of natural blessings.
One is in the Sierra del Rosario and in the Sierra de Guanahacabibes. The region is rich in unique features such as Valley Mountains, the archaeological enclaves.